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Introducing Discus, the Complete Personality Profiling Solution

Discus is a cloud-based psychometric solution giving you everything you need to create, manage and review DISC personality profiles for your candidates and staff. Discus creates behavioural profiles using questionnaires across the Web, managing the results for you instantly, and producing some of the most comprehensive and detailed DISC reports available anywhere. Discus also includes features to match candidates to jobs, assess working relationships and handle team building, all free and unlimited to Discus users.


Invite a candidate to complete a DISC questionnaire across the Web, from anywhere in the world using any device.


Generate DISC results instantly and automatically, and receive an alert as soon as those results are available.


Discus reports contain unrivalled content, including in-depth graphical and textual analysis in natural language.


Match your candidates against nearly 250 ideal roles, or create profiles of your own to find the best person for any job.


Discus provides free and unlimited tools for managing and understanding relationships, team roles and leadership.

The Complete Profiling Solution

Whatever your personality profiling needs, Discus has a solution for you. Create psychometric profiles online or through unlimited questionnaires, and Discus will assess and report on the results immediately. Discus reports provide comprehensive, in-depth behavioural information in rich graphical and textual detail.

Profiling For Any Device

Discus is designed to operate on any device, from your desktop or laptop to a mobile or tablet. Use Discus directly, or install one of our suite of profiling apps to provide the experience you need. Complete a questionnaire on one device and view the results immediately on another, all managed for you through the cloud.

Far More Than Personality Profiling

Discus provides a host of free and unlimited features to help manage your DISC assessments. Create your own Job Profiles (or choose from Discus' extensive library) to match any candidate against any job, or combine your DISC profiles to examine working relationships or the dynamics and team roles at work within groups of individuals.

Working With Teams

Discus includes a range of unique and sophisticated team assessment features. You can combine any group of DISC profiles to create a team, and Discus will produce an extensive team report covering all the major roles and dynamics at work within that team. Discus can even assess and report on leadership issues within the team.

Who Uses Discus?

For over twenty years, we have supplied psychometric solutions to all sizes of organisations from Fortune 500 companies, FTSE corporations, and government agencies, through to small- and medium-sized enterprises all over the world. Regardless of your assessment needs, Discus is scalable to provide you with exactly the solution you need.

Personality Profiling

Personal qualities like drive, motivation and social skills are critical success factors. Discus is a powerful behavioural tool that uses DISC theory to build a profile of working behaviour and help you choose the right people and help them to function at their best.

Check Discus is independently validated
Check Profile candidates across the Web
Check No profiling subscription fees
Check Exceptional report quality and depth
Check Amazing value, with discounts on credit purchases

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Job Matching

Discus is the perfect Job Matching tool, with a reference library of nearly 250 different roles. Simply create a Job Profile to describe the behaviour needs of your job, and the Job Matching feature will help you find the right person quickly and efficiently every time.

Check Match candidates to jobs
Check Includes nearly 250 predefined Job Profiles
Check Full-feature Job Profiler to create your own role definitions
Check Find the optimum role for any individual
Check All Job Profiling features are free and unlimited

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Working relationships are just as important as individual skills and abilities. Discus assesses and uses personal dynamics to cultivate more effective interaction, resulting in higher productivity and job satisfaction.

Check Free and unlimited relationship profiling
Check Compare any combination of DISC profiles
Check Examines relationships from both viewpoints
Check Uses a unique set of DISC Dynamics
Check Helps build productive and effective working relationships.

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Team Building

Discus' Team Profiler is capable of combining any number of personality profiles to model effective new teams, or explore the dynamics and team roles at work within any group of people.

Check Free and unlimited team profiling
Check Model any team by combining DISC profiles
Check Comprehensive and extensive team reports
Check Examines team leadership issues and potential
Check Breaks down members by team role

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Discus Reports

Discus provides a comprehensive range of reporting options. Personality profile reports are affordably priced based on content, ranging up to the Enhanced Report with more than thirty pages of dynamic content. Discus report content is generated by an intelligent reporting system, based on millions of possible combinations.

Classic Report

Profile report with DISC and trait assessment, general textual report and optional Job Match.

$36* per candidate

Enhanced Report

Profile report with all Classic content plus eleven extra topics of more specific textual analysis.

$72* per candidate

Feedback Report

Introductory-level profile report designed to be read by the candidate about their own results.

Free with Enhanced Report

Job Match Report

Job Match assessment for a candidate against a particular role. Included with standard DISC reports.

Free and unlimited

Job Profile Report

Job Profile assessment for standard or custom profiles, including personality requirements.

Free and unlimited

Relationship Report

Relationship assessment for two profiles, describing the working relationship from both viewpoints.

Free and unlimited

Team Report

Team report for any group of profiles, including team dynamics, roles, leadership analysis and more.

Free and unlimited

Outline Report

Minimal profile report for expert users, including only DISC profile data and an optional Job Match.

$27* per candidate

* Discounts are available on volume purchases: Find out more

Online Certification

An Introduction to DISC is a completely interactive online video course covering the DISC psychometric system and its interpretation. The course includes self-testing, as well as certification of completion. This video certification course will guide you through all the most important facts and features behind DISC, taking you from first principles to the point where you can actively interpret DISC results for yourself.

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Discus Questionnaire Languages

Discus can produce DISC questionnaires for use on screen, online, or in printed form. All of these questionnaires are available in a wide range of language options, shown below.

English (UK)

English (US)































Branding the Discus Experience

Discus includes a comprehensive branding and customisation service, enabling you to set up your own logo and colour scheme in all important areas of Discus Online. Apply your corporate livery throughout the candidate experience, including your online profiling portal, questionnaires and even Discus reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Discus?

Just take a few minutes to run through our simple registration process, and you'll be ready to get started right away. You can choose from a range of packages with different options, from the basic Core package up to the Ultimate package that includes extra features such as personalised branding and a free Certification Course.

How does Discus work?

Discus' personality test is based on DISC theory, one of the best established commercial profiling systems in use today. The core personality profile measures four fundamental factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance (from the initials of which we get 'DISC'). Extrapolating out from these measurements we can derive specific interpretations covering a whole range of behavioural styles and their reactions to different conditions.

If you'd like to find out more about DISC, you'll find a useful introduction on our What is DISC? page.

How long does a Discus questionnaire take to complete?

A standard Discus DISC assessment contains twenty-four multiple-choice questions. Completion time can vary according to the particular type of questionnaire used (Discus supports several options) and according to the individual candidate. In general, however, a questionnaire will take about ten minutes for a candidate to complete.

What does Discus cost?

Discus itself is free to use; you only pay for the profiles you create using the system. As part of your registration, you'll be provided with a set of Discus credits so you can start creating profiles right away. Extra features like Job Matching, Relationship Assessment and Team Building are all available for unlimited use at no extra charge.

You can find full details of the Discus charging scheme on our Pricing page.

How do Discus credits work?

At the simplest level, one Discus credit is the price of a Classic profile report; that is, for one credit you can create a comprehensive overview report for any Discus DISC profile. Reports with different content are charged at different credit rates, so the more detailed Enhanced report costs two credits, while the basic Outline report costs just three-quarters of a credit. You can upgrade between report levels at any time.

You can prepurchase credits ahead of time to ensure that you're always set up ready to create profiles, and there are significant discounts available for volume credit purchases.

Do Discus credits ever expire?

No. Once you purchase credits, they remain on your Discus account until you use them, with no expiry limit.

Is Discus a validated profiling system?

A full report on the validity and reliability of the Discus psychometric assessment is available in the Roodt Report. See our Validity and Reliability section for full information.

Can I create my own Discus profile?

If you just want to see your own DISC personality assessment, you can do that without signing up for the full Discus package. We can provide a single profile questionnaire directly through this site, but note that this is designed for you to answer about yourself and create your own personal report. We don't recommend this service for profiling other people; in that case, registering for the full Discus service is the best course of action.

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