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Discus - the most cost-effective online DISC Profile solution

The Discus Profile is a market leader in personality tests & psychometric solutions.
Test it now and discover why thousands of customers give Discus the thumbs up.

Check Independently validated Check Expanded and improved for 21 years
Check Profiling across the Web Check Unlimited questionnaires
Check No profiling subscription fees Check Reporting to suit your needs
Check Matching candidates to jobs Check Free relationship profile
Check Free team profiling Check Feedback reports for candidates
Check Discounts on credit purchases Check Your own branded profiling portal
Check Multilingual profiling Check Exceptional report quality

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What our customers say

“The benefits have been immediate: our retention rate has improved and the candidates are more sales focused.”

Personality Testing

Personal qualities like drive, motivation, organisation and social skills are critical in both life and business. Discus is a powerful tool that builds a DISC assessment of working behaviour and help you choose the right people and help them be their best.

More about the personality test

Job Matching

Discus is the perfect Job Matching tool. Simply create a Job Profile to describe the behaviour needs of your job, and the Job Matching feature will help you find the right person quickly and efficiently every time.

More about Job Matching


Working relationships are just as important as individual skills and abilities. Discus assesses and uses these dynamics to cultivate more effective interaction, resulting in higher productivity and job satisfaction.

More about working relationships

Team Building

Discus' Team Profiler is a powerful business tool that helps you create effective new teams, or explore the dynamics and roles inside any group of people, and maximise their potential.

More about team building

About Psychometrics

Explore the world of psychometric profiling for yourself with our comprehensive introductory guide to its applications in recruitment.

The Discus Advantage

Find out what makes Discus the most powerful and cost-effective personality profiling package available.

Personality Profile Types

A colourful interactive guide to the nine different major personality types to be found within a personality profile.

Validity & Reliability

Investigate the facts and figures behind the DISC test - one of the world's most popular profile systems.

DISC Factors

Find out more about the four factors of a DISC assessment - Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance - and learn about their combinations and sub-traits.

Profile Interpretations

Need help understanding a DISC profile? Explore our extensive library of interpretations covering numerous report types.

DISC Reference Library

From introductory guides to advanced material - you'll find everything you need to know in our extensive reference library.

Personality Tests: Business Solutions

Your guide to the key advantages of a personality report, and how you can use them to help build your business.


See how personality assessment can benefit you in the real world with our guides to practical profiling applications.

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If you require a more comprehensive DISC profiling solution, we recommend the full Discus service. We offer a fantastic range of professional-level starter packs to suit your every need.

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