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DISC profiling since 1994
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Individual Reports
Agency Opportunities
DISC: A Layman's Guide
What is DISC?
Video: Introduction to DISC
DISC Profile Interpretations
DISC Factors
Team Building with DISC
History and Development of DISC
Personality Types
Applications: Putting DISC to Work
Validity and Reliability of DISC
Knowledge Base
(214) 613-3983
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Personality Tests: Business Solutions

Sample reports

Personality profiling can give you a real advantage in Human Resources management.

Factors profiled by DISC

  • Accuracy
  • Compliance
  • Co-operativeness
  • Dominance
  • Efficiency
  • Enthusiasm
  • Friendliness
  • Independence
  • Influence
  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-motivation
  • Sensitivity
  • Steadiness
  • Thoughtfulness
DISC Profile Schematic

Personality profiling gives you a way to assess and quantify the most important features of an individual's personality style. Using a quick and simple test, you can gain an immediate insight into the most important motivating factors in a personality, and use that information to help guide decision making.

  • There are several different ways to assess personality, but we focus on a profiling technique known as DISC.
  • This takes its name from the initials of its four main factors:
    • Dominance
    • Influence
    • Steadiness
    • Compliance
  • DISC's combination of power and ease of use means that it has become one of the most widespread business profiling systems in use today.

Our own DISC profiling solution is Discus, which incorporates unparalleled interpretation and analysis features for DISC personality profiles. We'll look at Discus in more detail shortly, but first we'll take a moment to look at DISC profiling and how it can benefit you in business.

DISC: First Principles

  • A DISC test consists of just twenty-four simple questions.
  • It can typically be completed in less than ten minutes, a straightforward process that makes it practical for almost any assessment process.
  • The results of that test are then analysed to calculate an individual's 'DISC factors'.
  • From those factors a detailed and specific report can be produced.
Illustration of individuals with different DISC profiles
  • At the core of a DISC assessment is the 'DISC graph' which highlights the most important factors in a candidate's personality.
  • It's from the relative levels of these four factors that a DISC assessment is developed, allowing us to understand how a person is likely to respond in different roles and in different types of situation.
  • In fact a DISC profile creates more than just a single graph; rather, it produces a 'series' that describes a person's responses in different situations.
    • Specifically, it shows us how that person views and responds to their working environment as opposed to their more natural style
    • From that we can infer more detail, including possible sources of tension and stress.

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Putting DISC to Work

  • Because DISC quantifies different elements of a personality, it helps to add structure to decisions in Human Resources.
  • A classic example of this is in the 'Job Match', in which an ideal personality profile for a role is created.
  • Using that profile, it's possible to assess not only how well suited any individual is for that role in terms of their personality, but also to isolate their particular strengths and weaknesses relative to that position.

  • The practical advantages of this approach will be clear.
  • Though of course personality only forms a part of a candidate's qualifications for a position, being able to objectively assess that personality adds a new dimension to recruitment and assessment
  • DISC can provide a detailed personality assessment for any individual and for any role.
  • Not only that, because the test is so simple and rapid to administer, it's possible to have candidates for a role complete assessments even before the interview stage.
DISC Questionnaire
  • DISC can help at interview, too: The insights it provides into a personality can be extended to help guide the interview process
  • It can even suggest relevant questions to help develop a behavioural interview.

Find out more about DISC applications

Discus logo

features at a glance:

  • Automated testing
  • Built in report generation
  • PDF report layout
  • Unlimited Job Matching
  • Full-feature Job Profiler
  • Sales and negotiation tools
  • Customised reporting
  • Discounts on multiple purchases
  • Extensive Job Profile library
  • Team building
  • Relationship assessment

Discus is the Ultimate DISC Solution

  • If you want to put personality profiling to work in your business, then you need Discus.
  • Discus is a complete DISC profiling solution that offers everything from testing and reporting to fully integrated job profiling, as well as team and relationship assessment and much more besides.
  • Discus is an online service, which means that your profile information is accessible from anywhere, and also brings other advantages.
  • For example, using Discus it's possible to set up personality tests for candidates to complete across the Web, so you can profile anyone in the world and see their DISC results in a matter of minutes.

Find out more about Discus

DISC questionnaires

  • Discus offers a wide range of testing options.
  • You can conduct a DISC test directly on the screen, or you can set up an invitation for a candidate to complete a test online.
  • If you prefer to use paper questionnaires, Discus will print them for you and you can enter the results to view a detailed report.

Unparalleled reporting

  • Discus provides DISC analyses and reports that are second to none.
  • Discus' unique DISC analysis technology provides detailed and insightful reporting on numerous topics that are relevant to the personality in a business setting.
  • Discus reports also include numerous additional features, including graphical analyses and a full personalised glossary within each report.
  • Discus can even compile a Feedback Report, designed to allow you to give a candidate feedback based on their personality results.
Discus Job Match screenshot

You can explore a whole range of screenshots of Discus in action on our DISC on the Web page. We also have a selection of sample reports for you to browse.

Candidate management

  • Discus manages all your candidate results in its online database.
  • That means that your DISC profiles are accessible wherever you are (we even provide an app to allow you to use Discus on a mobile device).
  • Discus also incorporates a suite of user management features, so you can handle the profiling needs of multiple sites or departments, all through one account.

Profiling and matching jobs

  • Discus includes a library of nearly three hundred predefined job profiles covering many industry sectors.
  • It also provides a Job Profiler that will allow you to develop an unlimited number of additional DISC job profiles for yourself.
  • Matching for candidates is built into the Discus report, so you can instantly assess any candidate for any job, and investigate their suitability for a role in fine detail.

Relationships and teams

  • Discus' reporting abilities are impressive when applied to a single candidate, but it also provides another dimension of analysis: looking at the ways that two or more personalities interact.
  • Discus includes a full suite of tools for investigating working relationships, as well as the ways individuals will work together in team.
  • The team building module will let you model and develop teams, helping to find optimum combinations of individual personalities.

Seamless integration

  • If you're profiling candidates online, you want to do so through your own branded Web presence, and Discus takes care of that.
  • You can set up your online profiler to mirror your own livery and present your own logo to candidates as they complete a test, and even attach your branding to personality reports.
  • Discus can go even further: our custom Synergy solution provides for complete integration of a profiling service.
  • With Synergy, for example, you can automatically insert candidate details into your own database, or even set up a charged online profiling service of your own.
  • Synergy is a service tailored to provide exactly what you need: there's no limit to its capabilities.

An international solution

  • Discus questionnaires and reports are available in multiple languages.
  • You can translate from one language to another with a single click.
  • Its multilingual capabilities make Discus a truly international solution.
  • It's even possible to have a candidate complete a questionnaire in one language and read their report in another.

Truly cost-effective

  • We've designed Discus to be a truly effective business solution, and that includes the price.
  • You pay only when you use Discus to create a DISC profile: all other features are free and unlimited.
  • That means that you can create an analyse as many job profiles, teams, or working relationships as you like.
  • There's no charge, either, for extra questionnaires or reports: you can print questionnaires or review reports as often as you like.
  • What's more, we have a discount structure in place that comes into play automatically when you prepurchase certain levels of 'credits' within the system.
  • You can find full details of our pricing structure on our Price List.

Choose which of our great value business packages is best for you, and you'll be up and running in just a few minutes.

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