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Online Skills and Aptitude Testing

Axiom Software tools also include Discovery, an extensive online testing service for skills and aptitudes. These tests , including verbal dexterity, numeracy, comprehension and abstract reasoning, are the perfect complement to Discus Job Match to build a complete picture of a candidate’s potential.


The Complete Testing Package

Axiom's Discovery series is a range of online, interactive assessments covering all types of business skills and aptitudes. These tests are now available through the Axiom Discovery site - just sign up, then set up your profiles and tests immediately. Discovery also provides online testing, allowing candidates to complete their tests through their own browser. Once completed, their results will appear in your Discovery account.

Axiom Discovery

Aptitude Testing Online

Discovery allows you to test a single skill or ability, or set up an entire battery to test all the aptitudes that are relevant to you. Set up an online test for a candidate and Discovery will allow them to complete the tests at their convenience, though you can set a deadline date if required. Their results will appear in your Discovery account as soon as each test is completed.

Direct and Relevant Reporting

In addition to a candidate's score, Discovery provides a detailed breakdown of specific topics, so you can see exactly where a candidate's strengths lie.

Discovery also provides individual results compared against a wide sample of others, so you can see how a candidate compares against the population as a whole. Perform a test more than once and Discovery will even show you a graph of performance over time.

Organising your Testing

Discovery incorporates a powerful 'Workgroups' feature that lets you combine and organise your tests and candidates. Within a Workgroup, you can set up a consistent set of tests, and keep all related candidates (applicants for a particular job, say) in one convenient place.

Workgroups also give you automated Job Matching, so for any set of candidates, you can immediately see which show the most promising results.

A collecton of tests

The Discovery Range

Discovery includes a wide range of aptitudes and skills tests, covering everything from general abilities to specific skills.

You can apply any combination of tests to any candidate. Whether you want to test a specific field like Computer Literacy, or build a comprehensive picture of a person's skills, Discovery has everything you need.

Tests in the Discovery range

Abstract Reasoning Abstract Reasoning
A test of the candidate's ability to identify patterns and make predictions based on those patterns. This is a core aptitude that lies behind problem solving skills.
Keyboard Skills Keyboard Skills
A test that assesses the candidate's skills at using a keyboard, assessing both typing speed and levels or accuracy, precision and familiarity.
Advanced Numeracy Advanced Numeracy
A test of the ability to apply numerical concepts in practical situations, and to demonstrate an understanding of basic mathematical principles.
Retention Retention
A test of the ability to absorb and retain information of different kinds, presented in different formats and layouts.
Basic Numeracy Basic Numeracy
A test of the ability to work with numbers, Basic Numeracy will assess how quickly and accurately a candidate can perform tasks involving mental arithmetic.
Spatial Ability Spatial Ability
A test to assess the candidate's ability to perceive and imagine objects in space, and their relationships to one another.
Comprehension Comprehension
A test designed to test general level of reading comprehension, as well as looking at the aptitude for inferring and deducing information from written text.
Speed and Accuracy Speed and Accuracy
A test that measures speed and precision over a series of specially designed questions, to establish how flexibly a candidate can adapt to different types of tasks, and how accurately they can work under pressure of time.
Computer Literacy Computer Literacy
A test of awareness and expertise in the field of computers, and related technologies. The test assesses basic understanding of background concepts, as well as examining a range of specific areas of computing knowledge.
Verbal Dexterity Verbal Dexterity
A test of one of the most important communication skills: the understanding of the meanings and use of English words and phrases.
English Usage English Usage
A test that assesses the candidate's basic English language skills, including word choice, punctuation and grammatical concepts.
Verbal Reasoning Verbal Reasoning
A test of the candidate's ability to extract solutions from textual information using powers of deduction and rational thought.

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